Horseking is a community driven project. Horseking is a meme coin in the field of cryptocurrency, which is practical. It aims to subvert the meta universe with horseking and make the cryptocurrency space safer for hundreds of millions of people. At present, in the field of cryptocurrency, no other coin or token is more ambitious and enterprising than our HorseKing team.

HorseKing contract address: 0xdbd43e87c76fd47d327318f852fbb5dba709fd7e


Highlights of horseking

Status channel

The state channel adopted by horseking can have many side chains outside the main chain. The side chain is the state channel. Smart contracts and transactions run in this state channel, and finally save the results to the main chain. Each side chain can handle dozens of transactions, and the side chain can be expanded infinitely. In this way, the transaction process under the chain is realized, and only the results are saved on the chain. When there is doubt, the intermediate process can also be submitted to the main chain.

Decentralized Oracle

The Oracle machine realizes the connection between real-world data and smart contract. The Oracle is more powerful than Turing's complete computing model.

Technical governance

Horseking brings a future society. Absenteeism will vote and value holders will make decisions together.

How to get horseking


Horseking token is a new generation of community autonomous token based on BSC smart chain. No crowdfunding, no private placement, no pre-sale, fair launch.


Token Economics


Token Symbol

800,000,000 token

Total issuance

10% tax deduction for each transaction

Tax mechanism

2% cash dividend

3% marketing promotion

5% auto echo add LP

7% (56 million pieces) air drop by exchange fan users

50% (40000000 pieces) enter the black hole for destruction

43% (344000000 pieces) added to pancakeswap mobile ore pool

No crowdfunding, no private placement, no pre-sale, fair launch

Road Map

Launched in the first quarter of 2022, horseking aims to become a benchmark token of the meta universe type. This roadmap is the development goal of horseking. It lists the key milestones of the community to continue rapid and decentralized development and breakthrough functions! No one can stop it.

First step


Community construction

Website launch

1000 + currency holding address

50000 + community members

Set up contracts and Applications

Online decentralized exchange

Second step


10000 + currency holding address

Open meta universe application

Start joint development and construction

Start trading mall

Increase promotion and unite more communities

Consensus expanded to 10 + major countries

Members up to 20W+

Third step


Link to the real world

Complete meta cosmic ecology

Become the benchmark of Yuan universe ecological token

Become the world's top community

Become a world-renowned token